Tuition Rates & Enrollment Fees

We look forward to having the opportunity to share God’s Word with your children each day.  Our tuition rates for the 2018-2019 school year are listed below.  Keep in mind that individual congregations use their own discretion to assist their member families with tuition.  You will need to contact your home church for your portion of the tuition payment(s).  

There are 3 payment options for tuition:  (1) Payment in full at July registration (2) Half payment at July registration and remaining balance December 15th (3) 10 monthly auto-withdrawals from August – May.

Below the tuition rates are two links. One link is a printable version of the 2018-2019 Tuition Rates and the second link is for tuition payment option forms and information.

Please contact the school office if you have any questions.

2018-2019 Tuition Rates

Tuition for Member of Trinity Lutheran Church
(Based on 40% of $4800/student)  
1 child        $1920
2 children $3840
3 or more children    $5760

Member of another LCMS Church
$4800 per year, per child
Contact your home church for your portion of the tuition payment.

$4925 per year, per child

Tuition and Fees Printable Sheet

Tuition Payment Options Sheet