Creative Giving


SCRIP is a year-round fundraising program that allows us to raise money for Trinity Lutheran School by using gift cards to pay for everyday purchases in place of cash, checks and credit cards. SCRIP is a perfect way to contribute without asking anyone to spend any extra money. By selling scrip, our school is providing something that people use, want or can gift without the inflated costs!

How it works...You purchase gift cards from Trinity Lutheran Scrip Program at face value. Our coordinator orders those cards from participating local and nationwide retailers at a reduced price. The difference is an instant rebate for our school, typically between 2-25%. Rebates fund school programs like Accelerated Reading and the Star Literacy program.

Families that purchase SCRIP will receive 50% of the money earned as a credit at registration the next school year! The school will earn the other 50%! Every time a family member places an order for SCRIP, the information will be recorded.

Order forms are available in the church and school offices. Volunteers fill orders on Monday mornings.

Questions? Email

Box Tops for Education

Clip your Box Tops and send them into the church or school office. Each Box Top is worth $0.10. They add up quickly!  Your support is very much appreciated.

Thrivent Action Teams

Thrivent members have access to use $500 every calendar year in a service project,
fundraiser or education event. These are awarded $250 at a time for up to 2 events. Signing up is easy! Trinity has a list of needs with which you can be actively involved. Contact the church office for specific ways to help.