How to Join


Trinity welcomes all people—members and non-members—for worship services. Visitors who are interested in making Trinity their church home are encouraged to talk to one of our pastors about the process of becoming a member.

After speaking with a pastor, the next steps in the process depend on your current church affiliation.

New Members from Other Denominations or the Unchurched

If you haven’t recently been an active church member or you belonged to a church of another denomination (e.g., Evangelical, Roman Catholic, ELCA), you’ll enroll and participate in adult instruction, which covers foundational teachings of the Lutheran faith. 

After completing adult catechesis, those who wish to pursue membership will be confirmed (or baptized and confirmed, if unbaptized) at Trinity in the faith of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Transfers from other LCMS congregations

Transfer. If you’ve recently been a member in good standing of an LCMS congregation, you’ll need to obtain a transfer letter from your church. If you have questions about this process, talk to the church office.

We encourage all new members, regardless of their previous church affiliation, to take adult instruction at Trinity. The adult instructions classes take place formally at least three times a year and generally run 8 to 10 weeks. Childcare is provided if required. A new Bible and copy of Luther's Small Catechism will be provided to you.