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Trinity Lutheran School, belonging to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, is part of the largest Protestant school system in the nation.  The school’s embraces a Lutheran identity that is rooted in Holy Scripture and is committed to faith formation, academic excellence, and Christian service.

Trinity Lutheran School Curriculum Highlights

Religion and memory work are a daily focus in all grade levels.  Students attend Confirmation classes with pastoral instruction in 7th and 8th grades.

8th grade math instruction includes an option for Pre-algebra or a high school credit for Algebra.

K-6 grades attend general music twice a week and physical education twice a week.  

Band class is offered in 5th-8th grades with Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, and Advanced Band levels.

All students participate in technology instruction one time per week with a designated computer teacher.   Chromebooks and ipads are used in regular classroom instruction throughout the school day. 

All students participate in art instruction at least one time per week.  A part-time art instructor is designated for 5th-8th grades.