If you haven’t been able to attend in the past, here’s your chance! If you’ve been before, let’s do it again!

Join the many families and individuals here at Trinity, and across the country, who have gained control of their finances. Come learn about savings, budgeting, insurance, saving for retirement and college, investments, mortgages and home financing.

There are numerous reasons to come You want to be debt free! If you never seem to have enough money at the end of the month or if you’d like to stop fighting with your spouse about finances. You want to teach your children about money and you want to hear what the Bible says about handling your money. If you want to learn more about stewardship or maybe, you don’t have any financial problems at all, you just want to see how you can better praise God for what you have been blessed with! Come join us, so that next year, this time, you will have money to buy your Christmas gifts without having to say that dirty word “CHARGE IT!” It makes Christmas a whole lot more fun when it’s paid for in advance!

Scholarships are available. You just need to ask. And if you’ve attended in the past and are feeling blessed for the opportunity, please consider offering a scholarship so we can pass on this wonderful program.

Signup starts December 2nd and will end December 16th. Classes start January 7th, at 6:00. It’s a 9 week program.

Contact Trish Frazer, at Trishfrazerl @gmail.com, any member of the Stewardship team, or Michelle in the church office for more information.

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