If you’ve missed it before, here’s another chance! Classes will begin June 6th. They will be held on Wednesday nights in the fellowship hall, and begin at 6:00 pm. Classes run 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This is a short session. Instead of 13 classroom lessons, we will have 10 classroom and 3 study at home lessons. There’s a special price also. Only $69! And you still get the lifetime membership and all of the workbooks and study aids for that price!

This is a great opportunity to become educated about many aspects of your life that can affect you financially. Please consider attending. And if you’ve ever attended before, a free refresher is always a good idea!

We have a few scholarships available for those unable to cover the cost of the class at this time.

Signup will be held here between and after services the weekends of May 6th and 13th. Contact Trish Frazer of the Stewardship Committee, with any questions, or to sign up. You can do this through the church office.

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