From Missouri District President Ray Mirly (September 15, 2011)

Praise and thanks to God that this week a check arrived from the Texas District office for $38,464.83! In the midst of the wildfires in their own District, their members have reached out to help the people of Joplin. Current financial gifts given through the Missouri District have increased to $139,724.15 (9/15/11). These gifts have been received by the Missouri District to aid Immanuel Lutheran Church to provide needed assistance to Joplin residents.

Immediate needs:

  • Volunteers continue to be needed. Call Kimberly Johnson, 9 to 3 daily at 417.624.0333, if you or a group from your congregation desires to take on a project in Joplin. There is much to be done. Be sure to ask what tools, equipment and supplies you need to bring with you. Don’t forget that you/your group must make arrangements for your own housing.
  • There remains a significant need for financial gifts. Money or gift cards permit recipients to purchase needed items. Monetary donations have dropped off significantly, but the need for them remains great. Prayerfully consider what your congregation might do.
  • Two companies have loaned stump grinders to be used for three months. Only trained operators are permitted to operate them. If you know of a trained operator in your congregation, encourage them to consider donating a day or days in Joplin to aid in the removal of stumps.
  • Go to the disaster response news page on the district website for a report on my visit in Joplin this past weekend (
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