Trinity Church, School and Early Childhood Center will be featured in a tent on Capitol Avenue, opposite the Governor’s Gardens. The Evangelism Committee has reserved that spot in order to witness to the thousands of people who may be there. This year we have Christian books to give to children, as well as brochures addressing spiritual concerns. Other give- aways will include balloons, pens, stickers, pencils, all packed in a bright yellow plastic bag with our church information on it.

On July 4th we need you to come by and help us ―meet and greet‖ those passing by, offering a balloon or a pamphlet, engaging them in conversation, or giving them information about Trinity. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board by the water fountain for you to tell us you will come.

If you are willing to contribute to costs incurred (books, pencils, balloons, etc.) please sign that sheet or contact Jennifer Hanes or Eleanor Klein. Please continue to pray that our witnessing effort makes a difference in someone’s life. We know it has made a difference in the lives of all who helped us last year. Pray that God will give us an opportunity to share his love with others through this effort.

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