WHAT IS PASSOVER? It is the celebration of the night God delivered Israel from bondage to Pharaoh in Egypt. The word, “Passover” refers to God’s “passing over” the blood–marked homes of the Israelites when the Destroyer came to kill the firstborn sons of Pharaoh and all Egypt after Pharaoh had refused to let Israel go. It really foreshadowed a much greater “New Testament” Passover which is celebrated by those who share the faith of Abraham—the true Church. On this night we celebrate God delivering us from bondage to Satan by “passing over” His blood-marked church and killing His own firstborn son, Jesus, in our place.

The catered meal which will be a part of this celebration will include roast turkey, green beans, carrots, salad, pound cake and fruit cocktail. Tickets are available in the church office before and after our services. Adult tickets are $10.00; children ages 5-10 are $6.00; and those under 5 are free. Members of the Passover Planners will handle all ticket sales this year. We are in the process of identifying our table leaders. More information will be posted next week. If you have questions, please contact one of the following: Pastor Funke, Suebet Beck, Del Ehrhardt, Carl Beach, Jennifer Steinmetz, or Eleanor Klein.

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